Our 25 Days of Christmas Booklist Week One

fruitcakeandbooksDisclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.

I’m so excited about this Christmas tradition – 25 books of Christmas!

I’ve done this little countdown to Christmas as an informal Morning Time in our house since the Big Girl was about 3. This will be my fifth year doing a book a day from under the tree.

So here’s what 25 days of Christmas books looks like for us.

The Presentation: 25 Wrapped Books with Each Child Opening a Book Every 3 Days

First, I wrap our own books and tag them with each child’s name on the tag every three days. Three kids will make you come up with a system for “no fair” arguments really quickly. We live by the rule “You get what you get and don’t get upset.” It’s amazing how young they understand this.

I gather our 25 books of Christmas from our own books, library books and each child gets to go pick out a Christmas book at our local kids’ bookstore on our annual gingerbread house decorating field trip. This is Monday for us. So excited! And I’ve managed to keep it a surprise (not my strong suit).

I keep our Christmas book collection separated from the regular books because I have a hard and fast rule of “No Christmas movies, songs or books any time of the year.” This also makes them really special! They aren’t mixed in and overlooked when they get put away for a year. I mostly do this rule because I get “Jingle Bells” stuck in my head at the very mention of Christmas. But I digress.

Here’s what on our list for this week (Dec. 1-Dec. 7):

1. Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia – This is such a sweet, funny book. The crazy maid who takes everything really too literally. When she fills the spice cake with dates from a calendar, I laughed out loud. This is a great one for early elementary.


2. The Littlest Christmas Tree, By R.A. Herman – Oh, I love this book. It’s just a treasure. The littlest Christmas Tree just wants to be picked and loved. It’s a story of hope and love. Great for all ages.


3. The Littlest Christmas Tree, By Janie Jasin – This one is my preferred Littlest Christmas Tree. It’s a beautiful story of growing and focusing on our strengths and where we are now. I found it in a library when Big Girl was 5 and just loved it. It has a limited availability on Amazon, but it’s available from Scholastic.

richard-scarry-xmas4. The Night Before the Night Before Christmas, By Richard Scarry – Who doesn’t love Richard Scarry Books? This little mixed up tale is fun and engaging. Watching Santa get mixed up is laugh-out-loud funny. My 3-year-old book nerd loves this one. He likes the continuity of storylines of Richard Scarry books. We usually do this book in a couple of sittings and that’s why I love Scarry books. You can linger and build that bookworm relationship.

5. The Christmas Story Little Golden Book – This classic book has a blue-eyed Baby Jesus (I consider it a good conversation starter), but it’s a beautiful, simple retelling of the Christmas story. I love telling my kids that this is a book from my childhood. It’s nostalgic and perfect for Christmas.


6. Llama Llama Jingle Bells, By Anna Dewdney – You know that book series you don’t want your kids to love, but they do. I think Llama Llama is cute, but the stories kind of annoy me. But these aren’t about me. They’re about my kids and books. So, I spread them around the house. And the rhymes are good for little learners.

santa-ms7. Santa is Coming to Mississippi By Steve Smallman This cute book is one that gives kids a look at the state and where Santa goes. It’s kind of a template book. If you need a good comparison, look at the video message you can get from Portable North Pole to give your kids a prelude to Santa. There’s one for each state.


What’s Next?

This is the first week of our Christmas book list. I’ll post the next 7 books on our list this weekend and if you want to keep up, please subscribe to the Bookworm Raising Review – a weekly newsletter to share freebies, books we’re reading and ideas for connecting with your children through story. Have fun snuggling those bookworms!

Tell me what your family is reading in the comments.


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